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Queen is Dead

28 April
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Time for a profile change. I get to go back to being a city girl. I love geology, sports, nature, biking, camping, hiking. Anything else you wanna know about me just ask.

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Communities I made come join:

peacefulpic nofairnascar __photography_

The WeatherPixie up in school The WeatherPixie back home

places actually visited!

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places i camped: in New York, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, AZ, Cali, Mass

Japan was amazing: Hokkaido--Sapporo Honshu--Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto

Sports Freak here:
Baseball- METS! (say what you want but they kick ass!)
fav on da Mets- Todd Zeil,Ty wigginton (Twiggy, Wiggy) Vance Wilson, Al leiter, John Franco,jeff duncan (yum),joe mcewing, Wright (yum)
still ma heros- Ron Darling, Todd Hundley, Todd Pratt

Nascar fav driver-88 Dale Jarrett
cool drivers- Elliott Sadler,Hermie Sadler, Scott Riggs, Jeff Burton, Matt Kenseth,jermey mayfield, jerry nadeau, Terry Labonte Go Ford!!

Basketball- When I was a fa of the NBA Knicks 93-96 SuperSonics (Detlef Scrempf)
NCAA- orangemen ma fav-Gerry Mcnamara
also craig forth, warrick

Hockey-was a huge fan of the rangers 93-95 sabres 99 now go back and forth LOL #2 Brain Leetch, #11 Mark messier, #88 Eric Lindros, #81 Satan

Fav number-13,3

known by- 88
fav car- carmero (sniff)

Bosco is love.

Bosco is sex love

dale jarret is love
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beatles are love
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pool is love
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rocks are love
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Dale Jarrett: claimadriver , claim_a_driver

Elliott Sadler: claim_a_driver

Hermine Sadler: claimadriver

Scott riggs: claimadriver